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Union Label

Trenton Printing holds valid label licenses from both GCC/IBT and the Allied Printing Trades Council. If your project requires a Union Label, we will proudly include either "Bug" on the finished pieces. Any outsourced items are also produced by Union Shops and can include that shop's label. A Union Label indicates that the work was done by skilled Union members working for good wages under decent conditions.

Union Bug


This is a genuine Union Label, commonly referred to as a Union “Bug”. The number on the right is very important. It identifies the Union Shop that printed the job. In this case, in conjunction with the region on the bottom, it indicates that Trenton Printing produced the piece. If the number is blurred or missing, chances are the “Bug” is as phony as the printer’s claim to be a Union Shop.

The employees in a Union Shop are hard working, highly qualified experts in their respective trades. The counterfeit guys are robbing them... and you.

We supply materials for many Union Locals, regional and statewide organizations. A few of our clients include AFSCME, AFT, APWU, Carpenters, CWA, IBEW, IFPTE, Ironworkers, IUOE, Letter Carriers, LiUNA, MCCLC, MCEA, NJBCTC, NJEA, NJFOP, NJ State AFL-CIO, PBA, PEMSA, PFANJ, Plumbers and Pipefitters, Teamsters, UAW, UFCW, Unite Here and USW.